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Product & Risk - Advanced Risk Management

Current and Past client-industry sectors

Here we list the main industry sectors in which we have done work for present and previous clients.

  • Agribusiness
    Automotive design, assembly manufacture and after-market sales.
    Aviation and airfreight operations
    Brewing and bottling
    Chemical processing
    Civil engineering
    Energy supply
    Estate management
    Fire & Rescue Services
    Food, drink and dairy processing, manufacture and distribution
    Higher education institutions
    Insurance - internet and telesales
    IT & ISP
    Local Government bodies
    Local regeneration authority
    Manufacturing: equipment, components and consumer goods.
    Mass travel and holiday operations
    Metal refining and foundry operations
    National Government department
    Outsourced management services
    Personnel & recruitment
    Petroleum exploitation and downstream
    Printing and publishing
    Professional services
    Regional Development Agency
    Retail group operations
    Security printing
    Supply chain logistics
    Voluntary charitable trust
    Wholesale and B2B supplies


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