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Product & Risk - Advanced Risk Management

A Team dedicated to your Business Risks


  • Andrew West BSc
    A widely experienced Risk Management consultant, in continuous practice since 1992.
  • Specialisations: risk analysis, assessment and audit; contingency planning for disaster response, business continuity and crisis management; product recall planning and audit risk management programmes; training and presentations.
  • Particular interests: Fuel & energy; aviation; manufacturing; logistics and travel; counterfeit pharma, food and components. And slide rules.


  • David Davies MIRM
    A creative thinker and business risk practitioner, well-known and highly respected in his fields. Specialises in crisis management, and the management of corporate reputation and other intangible assets.
  • Tim Yeates ARM MBA
    A strategic risk specialist, working internationally, putting people at the centre of programmes to enhance the contribution made by organisational risk management.
  • Clare Llewellyn West BA FCIPD
    A highly qualified, experienced and innovative training and development consultant specialising in executive and management team development.


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